Our commitment towards Social Responsibility

Our company is committed to be socially responsible by engaging with communities and employees.

Community Involvement

Giving back to the community is the best way in improving our corporate Citizenship role. We seek to actively involved in various community activities and engage our philanthropy policy to support the Charitable Trusts and Non-profit organizations.


From past many years we are actively engaged in charitable contributions to numerous NGOs. Some of the initiatives are Plan International (NGO Working for Children Rights and Equality for Women), Darmasamsad, and Shree Guru Charitable Trust.

Employee volunteering

Our commitment to create opportunities to engage employees and communities in which we operate, and about their role in protecting the society.

We motivate our employees to volunteer in several welfare programs for an example, we joined our hands with Ramakrishna Mission for the cleanliness drive called as Swachh Bharath Abhiyan and another cleanliness drive organised by KSIA, Baikampady.

Our commitment towards Health and safety

We strive to maintain a safe workplace in which we operate. We continue to ensure that our business activities are undertaken in a responsible manner and in accordance with relevant legislation and that all associates participate in the development, promotion and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment for employees, customers, supply chain, visitors and the public.

We do train our facility associates and the employees in the manufacturing process on safety measures and hazardous equipment handling.

We have set up measures to mitigate the risk of any injuries or major accidents. We have not faced any fatality till date, and we assure the utmost safety in future.

Our commitment towards Ethical Responsibility

Our company is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty throughout its business. For this reason, every associate has a responsibility to act with the highest ethical standards, to treat other associates, vendors, customers, governments and the community in which we do business with honesty and respect. And to pursue business activities that will withstand ethical scrutiny, maintain and enhance our reputation, and not violate the law. The responsibility to act ethically in all our business practices and to comply with the local and national laws. Acting with integrity and honesty will ensure that we meet our high standards and enhance our ethical culture.

Fair competition

It is our policy to lawfully compete in the marketplace. Our commitment to fairness includes respecting the rights of our competitors to compete lawfully in the marketplace and abiding by all applicable laws in the course of competing. Bribery and Corruption.

While we compete vigorously to maintain a strong position in the marketplace, we do so based on merit and integrity – never through corruption or bribery. We abide by all the rules and regulations, we have Zero tolerance for bribery of any Kind. We never offer, attempt to offer, or authorize any sort of bribe or kickback.

Human rights

We aim to ensure our commitment to human rights is upheld across and beyond our business in all its operations, including end-users, business partners or other suppliers, residents living near our factories and facilities, and our employees. We listen to our people, our customers and those working in or affected by our supply chains, by giving them the necessary tools and support to raise issues and the reassurance that these are taken seriously.

Child and forced labour:

We never allow the use of child and forced labour in any of our operations or facilities by our vendors or their subcontractors. In addition, we fully respect and adhere to all applicable laws establishing a minimum age for employment. We will never permit exploitation of children; physical, verbal, or emotional abuse; or involuntary servitude.

Our CSR advisory and assurance partner

Updapt CSR Pvt Ltd, Bangalore